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sainfoin (Onobrychis)

sainfoin (Onobrychis) - genus of plants of the legume family. It is known to 80 species growing wild in central and southern Europe, northern Africa and western Asia. This is - grass, shrubs or small bushes, covered with heavy spines.

Leaves imparipinnate, with stipules. The main petiole sometimes turns into a spike. The flowers are purple, pink, whitish or yellowish, in axillary racemes gathered or ears. Calyx campanulate, with five teeth, the lower of which is shorter than the others. Flag obovate or obcordate, with a narrow base, almost sessile; wings are short, blunt boat with a blunt tip or obliquely, as long as or longer than its flag. Stamens dvubratstvennye, the upper stamen free to base. Pistil with a short stalk, ovary with 1 or 2 semyanopochkami, style straight or curved, with a slight stigma. Bob flattened, hemispherical, rarely coiled cochlea, leathery, wrinkled, not dehiscent, with 1-2 seeds. Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural products and for agricultural

Of all the most common is Onobrychis viciifolia Scop. (Otherwise Onobrychis sativa Lam.), Growing wild in the fields, hills and meadows. This perennial herb (up to 60 cm tall), glabrous or prizhatopushistaya and sometimes villous, woolly, with simple or branched stems assurgent. Pinnate leaves with 13-25 oval, oblong or almost linear leaves. Pinkish flowers clustered in axillary racemes, which are many times longer than the leaves. Calyx twice as long as it rolls, the flag is equal to the boat, shorter or longer than her, wings longer than the calyx tube, but shorter than her teeth. Bob semicircular, appressed downy, wrinkled, wrinkles on the keel and can be rack-ribbed, studded no longer than its width.

sainfoin fairly drought-resistant. The plant has good stability in the stand can hold on to the field for 3-5 years. The best components for sainfoin in the stand are brome, meadow fescue, in dry conditions - wheatgrass and wheatgrass beckornevischny, under irrigation - cocksfoot.

sainfoin is sensitive to low temperatures, with low snow cover does not make a big frost. For soils it is not demanding, grows well in sandy soils and detrital, but the best for him are black soil and the soil rich in lime. Sainfoin not stand near standing water table.

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