Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural products and for agricultural


Annual herb grass family. Rye is grown in many countries, but it is unknown in the wild.

grain rye contains:

- about 70% carbohydrates,

- up to 15% protein,

- 3-4% fat,

- rich in vitamins and minerals.

grains, bran and green stalks of rye used for medicinal purposes. Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural and agricultural products to

The protein corn contains lysine and threonine - amino acids necessary for growth and tissue repair, hormone production and antibody production. Rye promotes resistance to disease, an expectorant action, as a dietary product is useful in diabetes. Therefore, even rye bread in a certain sense a medicine. People use it as a mild laxative, a decoction of bran, by contrast, has a further strengthens the effect. Very useful rye brew: it normalizes digestion, improves metabolism, beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. But the special value have germinated seeds of rye, which is necessary to consume all the people leading a healthy lifestyle.

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