Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural products and for agricultural

Tare (spring), pea seed (Vicia sativa L.)

Tare (spring), pea seed (Vicia sativa L.) - a herbaceous annual plant, shortly pubescent or almost glabrous, 20-80 (100) cm tall. Stems ascending, climbing, almost erect or prostrate, sometimes branched from the base. Leaflets (2) 4-8 (9) pairs, obovate, oblong, wedge-shaped and linear, truncate, with a small notch. Stipules semisagittate, slightly toothed, with nectar spot. Antennae usually branched.

Flowers solitary, sometimes 2-3, subsessile, axillary, 17-20 (45) mm long, occasionally to 5.4 on a spike up to 20 mm in length. Corolla with purple, lilac or pink sail, purple and white wings, a boat, sometimes white flower. Sail with a large and broad limb, dramatically transforming into a narrow claw.

Pods broadly, usually 9-seeded, inflated in the seeds, shortly pubescent or glabrous, with short, curved beak, bright yellow, rarely gray, brown, blackish. Seeds globose, slightly compressed, sometimes flat, different colors.

Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural products and for agricultural

Optional self-pollinated. Flowering - June-July, fruiting July - August. Has the typical wild populations, weeds in cultural and wild forms.

Distribution of forest and steppe zones of Ukraine, Moldova, European Russia and western Siberia, the foothills and mountainous areas of the Crimea, the Caucasus and Central Asia, the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Ecology occurs as a weed in fields, sometimes along roadsides, in wastelands, waste places, orchards, vineyards, from lowlands to middle mountain belt. The plant is relatively cold-resistant, cold-resistant (resistant to -4 ...- 6 ° C) water-loving, especially in the phase of budding and flowering. By demanding a little soil. But for him unsuitable soil wetlands, intermittent heavy, very light, nizkoplodorodnye, sour, salty.

The economic value of one of the major legume crops. On the food is used as a green material, hay, haylage, silage, grass flour, crushed grain, grain flour. The growth and development, as in other annual legume, better flow in mixtures. By their nature, creeping legumes adapted to vegetation with supporting crops. Vick is usually grown in a mixture of oats, barley, sometimes, rarely with wheat, silage - with oats and sunflower, with corn, rye, ryegrass one-year, the seeds - of oats, barley.

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