Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural products and for agricultural

Technology of cultivation of broad beans broad beans cultivation technology

technology of cultivation of fodder legumes is relatively complicated and not very expensive. They are a little demanding on its predecessors, while they themselves are fine for most crops. As a main use of tillage or digging deep plowing. In a production environment is recommended for winter snow retention spring harrowing, and just before sowing cultivation, sowing at the same time produce conventional seed drills coupled to rollers.

optimal parameters of sowing broad beans
rate seeding, g / m 2 Depth Termination, cm Distance
between series, cm in row, cm
10-11 4-6 12-15 5
Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural products and for agricultural

Sow broad beans, depending on the destination at different times: the cultivation of corn planted in early spring, late April early May, and the cultivation of the green mass, or as green manure planting dates have significance. Sowing them at an average of 150 - 180 kg / ha or 15 - 18 g/m2. Of care practices for crops, it is recommended only struggle with the soil crust especially during germination. In a production environment and conduct pre-emergence harrowing povshovoe.

yield of green mass of broad beans, depending on sowing time, kg/m2
10-14 July 20-25 July 1-7 August 12-18 August 21-25 August
5,15 4,10 1,80 0,77 0,35

beans harvested for grain both directly and by two-grain harvesters. The cultivation of the green mass of used forage harvester or mower simple. In the cultivation as green manure, green material is recommended to grind, and immediately repaired to the soil, and at the same time there can be repaired and residues of other crops and even straw, which, together with a mass of green beans quickly perepreet, thus becoming a good supplement to replenish the balance of organic matter soil.

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