Effects of planting green manure of different families

fixation of nitrogen from the air: All beans

Linking nitrogen in the soil, preventing mineralization and leaching: All crucifers and cereals

protection from erosion, suppress weeds:

    Early sowing
  • until early August, beans, clover, lupine, oilseed radish, rye grass-year, spring canola, sunflower; Late sowing
  • until early September, Mustard, fatseliya;

    of a lot of organic matter in the autumn sowing: Winter rape, winter rape

    sparingly phosphate release: Beans, Mustard

    Reduced leaching of mineral elements: All crucifers, especially oilseed rape and radish.

    loosening of the lower layers of soil the roots: Lupin, forage legumes, oilseed radish, mustard

    suppression of nematodes: All beans, rye-year, fatseliya, sunflower

    to late harvest of honey bees: Fatseliya, mustard, clover, sunflower, broad beans.

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