Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural products and for agricultural

Olives radish (Raphanus sativus var. Oleifera)

Olives radish (Raphanus sativus var. Oleifera) - an annual plant of the cabbage family, strongly branched and sprawling plant height of 1.5 - 2.0 m with white flowers, violet, cold-resistant, water-loving, Shade and productivity.

The height of the shoots from her 1.5 - 1.8 m, flowers yellow. The period from sunrise to bloom about 40 days. For one season you can get 02/03 crop rotation. Seeding is possible from early June until early September, and in southern areas - until mid-September. The later the sowing, the greater the consumption of seeds. Average consumption of seeds - 2-3 g/m2. Best time - June-July.

If it is to sow in late July - early August, then to late autumn, she will have time to build up a lot of green mass. Sowing the seeds for the package (50 oz.) Mixed with a glass of dry sand, scattered over the site and zaboronit. Optimum seeding depth of 2-3 cm seed consumption of 30-40 g per 10 sq.m. Digging the soil with a turnover of the reservoir to produce the accumulation of green material in the flowering period.

Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural products and for agricultural

Radish oilseed adapts easily to different climatic conditions and soils of any, so it is not growing too much trouble. Thanks to a deep root system to extract water from deeper layers, it can tolerate drought. Used as a leavening agent in compacted soils.

Radish oilseed growing rapidly develops a large number of leaf and root mass, which makes it possible to reduce the dose of organic and nitrogen fertilizers. Herbage buried in late autumn, cut pre-shovel. If the plants are grown to form woody stems is best to use them for compost.

Radish well oilseed binds nitrogen, mixed with spring vetch and other legumes stores up to 200 kilograms of biological nitrogen per hectare.

Sowing of oilseed radish in the vineyards of stimulating growth and development of the vine.

Olives radish also has a phytosanitary properties - kills some pathogens of plants, actively suppresses nematodes. With the rapid growth of weeds clog, even bluegrass.

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