Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural products and for agricultural

White mustard (Sinapis alba)

White mustard (Sinapis alba)-one-year oil plant of the cabbage family, has the ability to release soluble phosphate. Can grow in any soil with a pH from very acidic to alkaline. The seeds germinate at a temperature of - 3 ° C. Seedlings can withstand brief frosts down to -5 ° C. Mustard-honey plant.

Mustard quickly rises and growing rapidly. Herbage mow when the leaves of the plant fresh, juicy, it's better to mass flowering, as at harvest in later periods will begin to wither away leaves and organic matter decline, and the matured seeds are clogging up the flower bed. The average period from planting to seal the mustard in the soil is 55-70 days (8-10 weeks) .. It is better to patch up a little soil or prikopat and by autumn all already peregniet. Seeding rate 2.5 - 4g \ m2. Depth of seal in the soil - from 8-15 cm, sow a little closing up a rake into the soil. Following crops are planted no sooner than 3-4 weeks after the termination of the green mass.

Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural products and for agricultural

It is also important phytosanitary effect of mustard, after planting reduced the incidence of common diseases of plants such as late blight, Rhizoctonia, scab tuber rot Fusariose, including and potatoes. Mustard crops reduce the number of wireworms in soil tillage is recommended as white mustard in late fall, as a result of violations of wintering wireworm begins his downfall. To improve control wireworm mustard seed rate was increased to 5 g \ m 2.

Green manure crops from the cabbage family can not be rotated with other cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, turnip, radish, radish, mustard, etc.), since they have common diseases and pests.

In addition to plant protection products can be used mustard powder. Dry mustard powder opylivayut ground for protection from slugs and infusion of mustard spray fruit trees in 15-20 days after flowering to control leaf-eating insects and codling moth caterpillars. Gooseberries are sprayed in early summer of moth and sawfly. The same extract can be processed cabbage and root crops from aphids, bugs, thrips. Infusion: 100 g of dry mustard to 10 liters of water insist 2 days, filter. Before use, dilute in half.

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