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Clover white, or creeping, or white clover (Trifolium repens L.)

Clover white, or creeping, or white clover (Trifolium repens L.) has a large number of solid nenabuhayuschih seeds. In the year of seeding and growing slowly. Full development of the plants are in the second year of life. The main green mass in the surface layer. The root system is highly branched, the main part of the roots at a depth of 40-50 cm white clover - tap root plant, which forms the bottom of the rooting shoots.

Love of light, shading can not stand tall and thick grass oppresses him. After cutting it grows quickly and vigorously. It tolerates trampling and soil compaction, is highly valued, while fixing the slopes. Well strengthens turf thanks to a creeping rooting shoots.

In the herbage is very unevenly distributed, individual clumps. In good years, growing, released individual patches, thanks to a kind of painting trifoliate leaves, and in bad years - falls, and colonize the bare space weeds. Clover often freezes not only in culture but also in vivo, as in our meadows rather unstable species.

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