Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural products and for agricultural

Reygras annual

Reygras Ryhlokustovoy annual grass horse. Perennial ryegrass has a fibrous root system, which are located mainly in the arable soil layer. Stem slender, tall - 50-60cm, 90cm less. Leaves are linear, with the underside of the shiny, with the top - a bit rough. Weight of 1000 kernels - 2.5-3g.

The seeds begin to germinate at a temperature of -1-4 ° C. Seedlings tolerate freezing ... -2 ... -3 ° C. Plant water-loving, drought tolerate bad. With a lack of water is sharply reduced tillering.

Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural products and for agricultural

annual ryegrass can be well on different soils: clay, loam, peat bogs drained, sandy, well-moistened. Not bad growing on calcareous chernozem and acidic podzolic soils.

grows one embryonic radicle. Tillering phase starts at 04.03 a sheet. Sprout continues throughout the growing season.

annual ryegrass quickly forms above-ground mass. One of the fastest-growing grasses. Therefore suitable in cases where it is necessary to establish as quickly as possible covered with grass to hide, the strengthening of earthen fortifications, etc., also apply to temporary decorative lawns. Apply the mixture to no more than 20% for the rapid creation of grass-sod cover.

dense grass keeps only the 1st year, 2nd - izrezhivaetsya strongly on the third - almost falls.

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