Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural products and for agricultural

Smooth brome

Smooth brome Perennial with long rhizome. It prefers slightly acidic or neutral, well-drained, rich soil. Does not grow under anaerobic conditions, negatively react to the proximity of groundwater. It grows better in the open field and slabozatenennyh. Frost proof.

Large-wholesale plant seeds of agricultural products and for agricultural

Usually dominate in the stand or in a natural meadow codominants coenoses, and more lisohvostovyh uzkolistnomyatlikovyh. Often forms pure thickets. Responds differently to growing with species. Dramatically negative impact on it have sverbiga East, moneywort, Kentucky bluegrass and other grasses and legumes.

Annual renewal of vegetative shoots start at the Rump in late April - early May. At the same time begins to form and inflorescence. Flowering shoots coming in June - July and lasts until September. Blooming and blasting a la carte. Individual panicles bloom in 1 - 2 weeks in dry weather - faster. The first flowers in the inflorescence expanded upper spikelets, and spikelets - the lower flowers. Rump Blossoms in the afternoon, between 15 and 20 h. The duration of a single flower blooming 2-3 hours after fall to the ground the seeds ripen within 8 months. and more. Germination of fresh seeds is from 5-6 to 80-95%.

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